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Reclaim your freedom of information

How you can consistently eliminate 3rd party services that store and use your information. Does not matter what: Cloud, Emails, Automation: If you do not have the information on your own asset you always give away control. With the LIBERTAS SERVER you regain this control and at the same time you get a tailor-made solution. 


What We Do

Tailor-made Server Configuation

First we indentify your core needs for your server and recommend you a setup the fits to your circumstances and business model.

Open Source Software

To guarantee transparency there is no way to use closed software. The community of people in the open source culture is the best way to be sure, that the tools we are using are safe.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

The sever provider we recommend make sure your data is mirrored and safe. Before we start you will know exactly how your data is handled.

Standalone server with your own TCP/IP number

You have your own IP adresses and no shared hosting. So nobody you do not know can ruin or harm your reputation by sending out Spam

Cloud Services

With a LIBERTAS SERVER you have you own personal Cloud and your are able to sync your Data, Calender and Contacts. You can give your team clouds or create access for co-working

Cyber Security

LIBERTAS SERVER are Linux based and structured in a way that you can provide only partial access for people working with you. You control who have power over your information.


Professional Support

We only recommend companies that do have a 24/7 Support for the servers. If you have a technical problem you are covered. 

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

You decide what you need and we setup for you a server so all is in one. You can focus on the content and the solutions for your clients & users.

Get Started

Five Spheres. One Mission.

Use a setup with open source solutions that give you the security to hold all your informations. Be sure that your servers are maintained perfectly and you can talk with someone 24/7. With your own Cloud you stay connected with those people you want. 







What People Are Saying

Since I use a LIBERTAS SERVER I regained the feeling to own my information business. No third party involved and all is on my own asset. I could chose the location of my server. I made my decision for Europe as it fits best for my business.  

Christoph Heckenbücker

Clean Spirit Apartments

Independence is very important to us. We have been looking for a long time for a solution that gives us the security of building up our business professionally beyond the data octopus. When we heard about the open source solution LIBERTAS SERVER, it quickly became clear that control only over the community of people is also the best way for us. Technically, all solutions are: conference software, cloud, and much more. absolutely equivalent, if not better than the known applications. We are now free and independent and can only recommend this to everyone.

Gerhard Schneider & Maria Mierl

World of Pillow

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