$295.00 (View Picture), 19022 CIVIL WAR 3" ABSTERDAM PROJECTILE (TYPE 3) - An excellent design for the 3" Parrot Rifles and the 3" Ordnance Rifles adopted late in the Civil War and lasting through the end of the muzzle loading era (and perhaps with some of the early breechloading conversions?). Please specify which you want. By the end of the war about 125,000 of the guns had been made in the U.S. mainly for use aboard ships. The M329A1Ei was a further improvement with a nylon or plastic discarding obturator. INERT- no flammable or explosive components. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. $59.00 (View Picture), 17261 U.S. NAVY MARK 90 VT-IR (INFRARED PROMITY) FUZE - Externally this is excellent and complete, but the electronic guts and explosive components have all been removed from the innards. Original Price USD 17.99 B- NICE U.S. NAVY STEEL CASE WITH OCTOBER 1957 DATE with primer removed. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. GP1944- (17985) SIGNAL, GROUND, GREEN STAR, PARACHUTE, M19A1- 1944 dated Price each. bourrelet, ink stamped with what looks like 30mm G DUMMY but no other marks. Highly recommended reference, sure to be a classic. This case is dated 1969 and has the fired primer in place. Lots of five rounds for $20, or single rounds are priced per round at $5.00 each $125.00 (View Picture), 14318 WW1 GERMAN FIELD GUN BRASS SHELL CASE FOR 10CM KANONE 1917 and others - 105 x 505mm Rimmed. This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. $325.00 (View Picture), 18910 105mm HOWITZER STEEL CASE- VIETNAM ERA- SUPERB- - Standard U.S. 105mm (105 x 371mmR) as used from pre-WW2 to the present. [The combat version] comes in two varieties, both identical in external appearance other than a Cyrillic C (English S) cast into the plastic on one side of the flat wing, which indicates it has a self-destruct mechanism. The various types include: M22A1 Rifle Grenade, Ground Signal, Amber Star Cluster Flare It could penetrate 70mm of armor (regardless of range. Thus the .58 rimfire Gatling cartridge had a very brief career, making them extremely scarce. The first type of rockets had a pointed nose and six fins on the tail for stability, as the M6A1 2.36 Rocket, High Explosive, Anti-Tank, and M7A1 as 2.36 Rocket Practice. $19.95. $425.00 (View Picture), 10882 40mm BOFORS CARTRIDGES- (40 x 311mm SR) - The 40mm Bofors guns were on nearly every U.S. Navy ship during WW2, often in large numbers with single, twin and quad mounts as the main close in anti-aircraft weapon. The stronger M30 mortar could achieve longer ranges than the earlier mortars using the M329 projectile with a boat tail shape and pre-engraved roatating band. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". INERT- no flammable or explosive material.The Type 41 Mountain Gun which was a license-built copy of the Krupp M.08 mountain gun. 4/7/2023 Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. CARTRIDGE, 1 in. Price for Kilgore GR-52 line throwing pistol and one fired case is $265.00 (View Picture), 7736 WW2 U.S. NAVY 3/50 COMMON MARK 3 Mod 5 BL&P ROUND- ORIGNAL PAINT - This is one of the very few rounds we have encountered with the original early paint. They are also nearly unique in their having a rim diameter much smaller (or "rebated") than the base of the case. A wire carrying handle is provided. $75.00 (View Picture), **NEW ADDITION** 175 U.S. 152mm PROJECTILE FOR VIETNAM ERA M551 Sheridan Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle/Light Tank - About 6 inches in diameter and about 20 inches long, about 35 pounds with a heavy steel body with a thin sheet metal windshield for ballistic purposes. Polymer type projectile is a semi-transparent brownish color with heavy steel rebar type rod which give the cartridge its weight. U.S. T159-162 series. INERT- no explosive or flammable components. The canister is contained in a cylindrical tin case with a flat front and no markings we could see. Price for one cartridge $8.00 (View Picture), 22141 10 LINK, BELT, METALLIC, CAL .50 M2- ORIGNAL WW2- NEW OLD STOCK - Full original box of 10 links for the Browning .50 caliber machine guns. $325.00 (View Picture), 10571 U.S. ARMY CARTRIDGE, DRILL, M15B1 FOR 3 INCH GUNS M1918, M1, M3, M5, M6 AND M7 (76.2 x 585mmR) - This is a completely inert assembly provided for loading and fuze setting training of crews serving these various types of 3 inch guns. Primer removed. Cowboy & Old Western History M17A1 Rifle Grenade, Ground Signal, White Star Parachute Flare You see lots of the steel 90mm cases, but few of the brass. We have several, but these are being sold individually. Some are a solid metal pieces machined to the proper size, others use regular type cases and projectiles with inert fillers, and others use nylon or other materials as substitutes. This gives it a dark honey color appearance so it almost looks like brass. This round is a canister round with the later drawn single piece case made by Union Metallic Cartridge Company in January 1919. The tall central case is a U.S. 37 x 223mm Rimmed case M16, used in the .37mm anti-tank guns and as the main gun in the M3 and M5 light tanks. Overall length including the cup for a tracer element, is about 9.75 and the steel body is about 2.25 diameter. 7729B - 30 x 100mm BELTED- BRASS CASE DUMMY Rotating band is narrow copper, with a wide aluminum(?) I used to think that collecting 37mm ammunition would require maybe 20 rounds for a good collection (from 1870 to the present) but I was totally off base. Brass case was highly polished and lacquered, but has a lot of dents, which add character, or are ugly (your choice). M52A1 Rifle Grenade, Ground Signal, Red Star Cluster Flare. Primer not dented. Great addition to a display of M1903, M1917, Garand or M14 rifles or M1 Carbines with grenade launchers. $95.00 (View Picture), 19380 WW1 GERMAN 15 CM HOWITZER BRASS SHELL CASE (150 x 113R) - Headstamp POLTE, DEZ. For the sake of uniformity the settle on that caliber for Gatling guns as well. You could turn a dummy cap from aluminum for appearance, if you liked. While the .58 Gatling has an important role in U.S. military arms history, it would be an interesting challenge to get an example of every different caliber cartridge ever used in Gatling guns. Price. Base fuze and explosive filler of the projectile have been removed, along with the propelling charge. $195.00 (View Picture), 21248 U.S. 37mm FLARES- COLLECTOR LOT OF 16 FOR DISPLAY - These are fired examples with the correct end caps replaced, so they are INERT with no live primers or propelling charge or pyrotechnic materials, and perfectly safe. This was subsequently improved by use of a removable barrel liner, which was the M1 gun. See photos for details. The signal and the expelling charge are packed inside the tube. A firing pin in the center of the cap will then ignite the primer and the signal will be fired. These are four rifle grenade signals which have had the signal portions removed, so they look empty, but there is a powder train element in the base remaining, so they are not truly inert, so they cannot be mailed. The core was 40 mm long and 10.9 mm in diameter. These penetrate enemy armor with their high velocity and heavy mass concentrated in a very small area. An important German WW1 artillery artifact. This one is the INERT practice version, confirmed by the Cyrillic "Y" stamped through the plastic body and the white mark around the fuze. Therefore these cases were marked at the time of manufacture NOT TO BE REFORMED so they could be segregated prior to any attempt to reload them. These guns were more lethal than the more widely used .50 caliber Browning machine guns, but reliability problems slowed their introduction into service. The bore has corrosion from firing and poor cleaning, or maybe just exposure to salt air for extended periods. U.S. Military 75mm Shell Casing. By WW2 the design was much simplified and the Mark V signal pistol made by Sedgley became the most commonly used gun. (10% off), Sale Price SGD 184.53 The cases were started in 1949 and then shipped to the U.S. in late 1950 and the pilot got to watch how the cases were made and that's when he found out that the brass pieces were from the shell casings that were found by a couple of his friends and sold to the Korean craftsman to melt down and prepare for use on the cases. Late in WW2 the Army and Navy changed the color scheme for identifying artillery ammunition, and light blue became the standard color for target practice ammunition. INERT- no flammable or explosive components. Still in fiber shipping container which may be sealed or had the tape removed for inspection. The domed fuse has two holes drilled into it for attaching a safety pin used to prevent premature detonation while handling the shell. New old stock, fresh from an old crate which had the 1943 dated packing slip shown. Original Price SGD 97.41 This could also be considered a tangential partial biography of a diversely talented and experienced arms inventor, Benjamin B. Hotchkiss, who worked with Colt on revolvers; invented an artillery projectile prior to the Civil War; designed a bolt action repeating rifle for Winchester in the 1870s; and went to Europe to work on artillery designs. As life saving devices, with the bore obstructed by small projections to prevent firing of projectiles but not interfering with the launching of the line throwing rocket, the Kilgore GR-52 is not considered a firearm and no FFL is needed to purchase. These guns were more lethal than the more widely used .50 caliber Browning machine guns, but reliability problems slowed their introduction into service. As can be seen in the photos, the magnesium alloy ballistic cap has corroded away, but this makes the cool and very hard core visible along with the steel flange. Rotating band is marked with 1967 date and AP-T M318A1. The AC-130 Spectre gunship is a tremendously effective weapons system, with variations in the guns used in the different models, but generally they included a 105mm Howitzer, a 40mm Bofors or 30mm gun, and a 20mm Gatling Gun. M20A1 Rifle Grenade, Ground Signal, Green Star Cluster Flare U.S. Military M13 Weapons Storage Rack. The cases vary as to headstamp markings, and some have no primer, while others have a dented or undented primer. The maximum ranges was about 7,500 yards. The Groe Gewehr-Panzergranate was launched from a Gewehrgranatengert or Schiessbecher ("shooting cup") on a standard service rifle by a blank cartridge. $95.00 (View Picture), 22560 U.S. 105MM HOWITZER BRASS CASE 1945 - Standard 105mm Howitzer brass case M14. Price per signal in sealed container. INERT- no flammable or explosive components. These were used with the International Flare Signal and Kilgore Model 52 flare guns, and probably all the other heavy 37mm flare guns with barrels about 8 inches long. The Mk 12 was standard cannon armament on gun-armed Navy and Marine Corps fighters from the early 1950s to the early 1960s, including the F4D Skyray, F3H Demon, A-4 Skyhawk, F-8 Crusader and early Navy versions of the A-7 Corsair II. .303 WW2 style BULLETS x 12 inert rounds. Nominally 37 x 120mmR, this actually measures about 118mm. These were used during WW2 with the 3"/50 caliber slow fire guns which were the main battery on the Destroyer Escorts for use against surface ships, aircraft, and shore bombardment targets. Ballistic Tipped Shell Top. Yes! Catalogs To use, the end cap is removed and placed over the primer end. An important German WW1 artillery artifact. Instead, they improved the performance of the old Hispano design by speeding up its rate of fire and rechambering it for a powerful new round, the 20x110 USN. These remained in used with the post-WW2 Shermans with the 76mm gun (including the M4A3E8 Easy 8) were in use long after Korea, and for several more decades with various foreign countries. These were used with the International Flare Signal and Kilgore Model 52 flare guns, and probably all the other heavy 37mm flare guns with barrels about 8-8.5 inches long. Headstamp is PATRONENFABRIK/ JULI [bomb] 1918/ KARLSRUHE/ [crown] Ke 10. One mint, unissued M6 ignition cartridge as shown in the photo. Although 1954 dated and made of steel, it is otherwise the same as WW2 production cases. Body is 1970 dated, so this is Vietnam era piece. A very scarce round an good example of a really clever concept. $125.00 (View Picture) This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. SGD 184.53, SGD 230.66 The fat wing section of the mine is filled with a liquid explosive. This fuze is abut mint unissued with storage and warning tags in place, ready for installation on your Mark 80 series bomb. The function is selected by turning a setting screw on the side of the fuze. Used on all the 5", 6", 8" and 16" U.S. Navy gun projectiles, and perhaps others as well. Not shown are a noise flash round and another flare with incorrect end cap include as freebies. The VT fuze will function if it comes close enough to the target to activate it, and the Aux detonating fuze has enough of a charge to blow the fuze out and emit a puff of smoke to indicate that a hit was scored. The 152mm gun ammunition was issued as fixed rounds with a distinctive light yellow combustible cartridge case with a texture similar to fiber-board. Overall excellent condition. INERT- no explosive or flammable components. $149.00 (View Picture), 21638 U.S. NAVY FUZE CAP FOR PROJECTILES (LATE STEEL TYPE) - This is the late WW2 and post war style made of stamped steel instead of cast brass, to conserve critical materials. The brass band in VG condition (with a slight ding as shown in the photos. Learn more. It has a sheet metal warhead body with a swage mounted nose cap. INERT- No flammable or explosive components. These early projectiles had a narrow rotating band and the cases are 593mm long. $95.00 (View Picture), 3491 U.S. NAVY 3"/50 MK 7 MOD 1 BRASS SHELL CASING DATED 1942 - (76.2 x 585mm Rimmed) Nice clean brass case with desirable early WW2 1942 date. INERT, no flammable or explosive componenets. $149.00 (View Picture), 17102 RARE .58 CALIBER GATLING GUN SHORT RIMFIRE CARTRIDGE- FIRST U.S. MACHING GUN CARTRIDGE - The first machine guns were Richard J. Gatlings hand cranked guns, the Model 1862. We have no history on this one, and the former owner thought it was a WW2 105mm shell(!). IN CARTONS AMBER Subsequently Gatling guns were made in .50-70, .45-70, .30-40, and .30-06 caliber and even 1 inch caliber for U.S. military use. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsys Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Some of the Hispano-Suiza type guns were also mounted as anti-aircraft weapons in army tanks or halftrack variants. Keep in mind that anyone can view public collectionsthey may also appear in recommendations and other places. Later projectiles used a wider rotating band and the cases were then made 585mm long, and most of the early cases were modified and reused, so surviving 593mm cases are scarce. Nice case with only one small dent in the neck/mouth area, mellow chocolate patina, mouth slightly out of round, but easily fixed. Most of these were used by Belgium on their FN-49 rifles, but are a neat accessory to display with any of the FN-49 rifles. cap. Tip of projectile has metal (brass?) $175.00 (View Picture). The closing wad was colored to indicate the color of the flare, and usually (but not always) the cardboard body was the same color. 3/10/2023, US Militaria As part of that, several companies were initially involved in development of a 30mm cannon, with the GE design becoming the GAU-8 everyone knows and loves. Originally it was the standard Japanese pack artillery weapon. No explosive or flammable components, totally INERT. $22.00 (View Picture), 20873 U.S. LINE THROWING GUN- KILGORE MODEL GR-52 - Serial number 617 with USCG approval 160/040/4/0 as marked on the frame. I doubt if we will ever find another one of these. There are two saw cuts in the sabot to aid in the expansion of the sabot into the grooves of the gun. Second private printing in limited numbers, only $95.00 (View Picture), 522 A GUN FOR ALL NATIONS: THE 37MM GUN & AMMUNITION. $50.00 (View Picture), **SOLD** 20951 USAF AC-130 GUNSHIP 105mm HOWITZER CARTRIDGE (CASE AND PROJECTILE)- Adopted prior to WW2, the 105mm Howitzer has been the workhorse of the field artillery ever since. The muzzle end is pointed in the desired direction and that tube smacked against the ground. INERT- no flammable or explosive components. These 57mm/6 pounder guns were effective against the PzKpfw IV and similar tanks, but seldom penetrated the Panther or Tiger series armor. Excellent plus with most of the OD paint. Although visually nearly identical to the combat round, these were made for use in training gun crews proper (and rapid) ammunition handling and loading of the gun. $325.00 (View Picture), 7191 RARE WW2 GERMAN 28/20mm SQUEEZEBORE ANTI-TANK CARTIRDGE - 28 x 188mm Rimmed with headstamp 2h, avu (maker- Silva Metallwerke GmbH, Werk Genthin), 43 (date), [waffenamt], 2.8 cm Patrh PzB Two fired, empty, INERT cases This is a SIGNAL, ILLUMINATION, GROUND, WHITE STAR PARACHUTE, M27A1 which as been fired, leaving the launching tube and end cap. This drill cartridge has the projectile solidly held in place with heavy crimps and a steel rod threaded to the base of the projectile and secured at the primer end. $425.00 (View Picture), 20781 LOT OF 3 DIFFERENT U.S.20MM DUMMY CARTRIDGES - Lot consists of one of each of the 20mm Oerlikon, 20mm Hispano-Suiza and 20mm US Navy, described in detail below, and shown left to right in the photos. This example is in rusty relic condition, but very few people have ever seen a Stokes mortar round in any condition. Since the copper sabot was designed to serve as a bourrelet, only one bearing surface was needed on the body of the projectile, just behind the curved portion of the nose. The Mk 12 was standard cannon armament on gun-armed Navy and Marine Corps fighters from the early 1950s to the early 1960s, including the F4D Skyray, F3H Demon, A-4 Skyhawk, F-8 Crusader and early Navy versions of the A-7 Corsair II. The headstamps definitely look French, and we believe it is WW1 era, but it may be a later WW2 era case. The 40mm/L70 guns are in service in many countries today in Anti-Aircraft, anti-armor, or anti-shipping roles. Category Mid-20th Century American Mid-Century . The 3 inch Broun shell was used with any of the 3 inch rifles in the Confederate inventory, such as the Ordnance Rifle, or the later 10 Pounder Parrotts. Perfect for living history use, or part of a collection of Korean War or anti-tank ordnance. VOLUME 2- 1914-1924 - Volume 2 continues Robert Mellichamps definitive study of all things 37mm. This is a truly impressive work, with far more information of interest to the historian or arms collectors with only passing interest in the cartridge themselves than might be expected. The ammunition used included various types of HE, AP, Shrapnel and chemical munitions. SPECIAL- 10 boxes total 100 links for $40.00, or a single box of 10 links for only $5.00 (View Picture), 13549 ANTIQUE ORDNANCE PUBLICATIONS ON CIVIL WAR ARTILLERY - High quality 17 x 22 pages with drawings and construction details of original guns, carriages and accessories, mostly taken from original Ordnance Department documents.
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